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Contents of CIUTI Issue 2015
cover Contents  
Chief Editor’s Note CHAI Mingjiong
XIE Tianzhen
Mind the Gap Frank Peeters
Research Articles  
Creative Treason: A Hermeneutic Perspective LIU Xiaogang
The Dynamic Interplay of Opposites: A Critical Reading of the Pushing-hands Approach to Research on Translation History CHONG Yau-yuk
Delivering Excellence in Conference Interpreting:Tests in University Context ZHANG Ailing
"Gender and the Chinese Context: the 1956 and 1999 Versions of Doris Lessing’s The Grass Is Singing" LI Hongyu
"Translation and Copyright Legislation in Late Qing China (1900-1910)" LI Bo
  "Interpreting Studies in Simple Words: Interview with Franz Pöchhacker" Franz PÖCHHACKER
SUN Haiqin
XU Qilu
  "Feminist Translation: Necessary Hijacking Interview with Feminist Translation Theorist Luise von Flotow" Luise von FLOTOW
CHEN Kefang
  Invisibility and Visibility: Translation Studies from Traditional to Contemporary Perspectives CHEN Xuemei
  Book Review  
  An Overview of the High-Level Forum on “What is Translation?—Re-siting and Redefining Translation” LAN Hongjun
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